People Before Profit’s Dublin candidate for the European Elections Gillian Brien has called for a ban on the synthetic pesticide, Roundup (glyphosate).

It must be replaced with the production of organic pesticides, in biodegradable packaging.

A US Federal court has discovered Monsanto’s Round Up (glyphosate) pesticide causes cancer to human beings. One individual, Edwin Hardeman has won $80 million, after proving, Roundup had caused his non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

Roundup is the most commonly used pesticide in Ireland. It is used in a variety of sectors including agriculture, forestry, public parks and home gardening. The first study of exposure in adults to Roundup (glyphosate) took place in Ireland in 2018. The study found the ‘general population is subjected to “low exposure” from the chemical but within acceptable EU safety limits.

In light of the US ruling, this finding is clearly inadequate and must be reversed. We need a wider switch to natural pesticides and fertilizers.

Ireland should will not wait for Europe to act and ban Roundup because Germany is to heavily invested in this product. The original producer of Roundup, Monsanto, was bought by German company Buyer and they will lobby for its continued use

Ireland should take a lead and ban it now.