Gillian For Europe

Gillian Brien is the People Before Profit candidate for the Dublin constituency of the European Parliament.

Gillian Brien was born and raised in North Inner City Dublin and lives in Constitution Hill Flats.

She was an early school leaver, at 15 years old, with an undiagnosed learning disability, dyslexia, and teenage pregnancy before re-entering the education system through an applied PLC course in Liberties College.

She went on to complete an Honours BA degree in Youth Work at Dundalk Institute of Technology.

She has over 18 years experience working within the Human Rights field, dealing with LGBT+ Young People, Travellers, Asylum & Refugees issues. She has also worked in the Youth and Community, Drugs and Homeless Sector.

She was heavily engaged in the Repeal the 8th Referendum and water charges movement. She was a strategic player BeLonG To’s Yes Campaign for Marriage Referendum.

I am a community activist who has been trying to empower residents to fight against developers, slum landlords and gentrification.

I have been engaged with many community direct action groups. Namely, Constitution Hill Rising, Take Back The City, Raise The Roof, I Believe Her and Rats Out The Flats.

I plan to combine my street smart, academic and professional expertise to be a strong female EU critic

There is a ticking environmental time bomb in the world which directly impacts Europe. If we do not see a drastic ideological change, there will be no future for our children.

I want transparency in the EU. All decisions should be published and made available to the public. I will advocate for more democracy and control by elected representatives – and for the people of Europe to have a real voice.

I want a complete ban on corporate influence in the EU and the removal of the 25,000 corporate banking, arms industry and business lobbyists, currently living in Brussels.

I want to break down the EU jargon, so the people of Dublin and Ireland understand what impact EU legislation has on us.

I want to challenge the way that neoliberal policies are locked into EU treaties.

I want to see the election of left-wing governments who invest in public services, housing, education, health and transport. The EU should not dictate – these governments should be answerable only to their own people.

I want to stop EU investment in the arms industry and the establishment of EU Army. We should be re-directing the money from weaponry and war to fighting global warming.

I want the EU to revoke its decision to dump Europe’s banking debt on Irish citizens to the tune of €64 billon euro.  The debt should be redirected back to the banks.

In brief, I want a Europe for people and planet – not for the big corporations.