Gillian Brien, the People Before Profit candidate for Dublin in the European election has claimed that Fine Gael are lying over the property tax.

In a statement she said,

‘Fine Gael has decided to postpone massive increases in the property tax until after Euro, Local and General elections. The taxes will then escalate dramatically because of rising property prices.

‘By its nature, the tax is totally unjust. A pensioner in an area like Cabra will pay more for a small house than a millionaire living in a mansion in Mullingar.

‘The tax was supposed to increase funding to local authorities. But the latest figures show that there has been an overall drop in funding.

‘Before the introduction of the Local Property Tax, one of the main sources of funding to local authorities was the General Purpose Grant.

In 2008, Dublin City Council received €103 million from the General Purpose Grant. But in 2017, f’unding from the Local Property tax stood at just over half that at €52 million.

‘These figures show up the lie that was told about the property tax being used to better local public services.

‘We are actually paying more for poorer services. The austerity tax on people’s homes means that we get less in public services than we got before the crash’